Registration Requirements

Regular Program

Admission of prospective students of the Medical Physicist Professional Study Program for Regular classes, is carried out based on the selection results including TPA and English scores as mandatory tests from the University, as well as study program tests (in the form of written tests and or interviews) and plus the following requirements:

1. Graduates of S1 Physics specialization in Medical Physics or S1 Nuclear Engineering specialization in Medical Physics from Higher Education Study Programs who are members of AIPFMI, or

2. Graduates of S2 Physics specialization in Medical Physics from the Higher Education Study Program who are members of AIPFMI with an educational background of S1 Physics or S1 Nuclear Engineering.

*) Evidence of specialization in medical physics is indicated by transcripts.

*) Study Programs at universities that are members of the Alliance of Indonesian Medical Physics Educational Institutions (AIPFMI) in numbers 1 and 2 are Physics Study Programs at UI, UNDIP, ITB, UNHAS, UB, ITS, UNAIR, UKSW, UNAS, UNUD, and the UGM Nuclear Engineering Study Program.

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